Energy Saving
SunSheetal & Energy Savings
Good for the bottom line
From a bottom-line perspective, the major benefit of SunSheetal is its potential to deliver energy savings. By reducing the absorption of solar heat through the roof and walls, it lowers a facility’s cooling load and the energy required to power air conditioning.
People may not think of the roof as an energy-saving opportunity. There is a huge energy savings potential in 90% of Indian cities and still a lot of people don’t know about it. But this is an opportunity to lower peak energy usage and to decrease your electricity bills.
How much energy savings can SunSheetal deliver?
“The message is somewhat complicated,” How much you can save depends on a lot of factors, including geography, materials and whether there are areas where heating and cooling are escaping from the building. One of the major challenges that people face in applying Cool Roof is selecting the most appropriate technology/material for their building location and roof type.
We at TechEnergy can help us assess energy savings potential taking into account a host of factors so that the analysis is scientifically based and can be used for decision making for such projects.
Please download, complete and send the Cool Roof Calculator inputs and we will revert with the calculation data.