Features Benefit
Features Benefit
Re-Radiates heat and controls heat transfer Reduction of energy use and cooling costs (up to 40%).
Energy conservation Reduction of air-conditioning / cooling loads.
Continuous rejection of solar heat Drastic reduction of temperature & increased comfort level.
Energy saving feature results in reduction of “carbon foot print” earn carbon credits for fuel savings.
Excellent Resistance to dirt pickup Ensures performance throughout coating life.
Effective alternative to bulk insulations Reducing dependence on hazardous and soft insulating materials.
Green initiative contributes to earning Green Building certification points - roof, pavements & parking area.
Very good moisture vapour permeability Eliminates detachment of coating.
Low VOC, Lead & Chromate Free - water based, non toxic coating Environment and application friendly.
Excellent adhesion to all substrates Ensures durability and excellent resistance to rain and strong winds.
Excellent Thermal shock resistance Does not crack even due to wide temperature fluctuations.
Resistance to fungus, algae and mold Helps in increasing durability and reduce maintenance.
Waterproofing properties Effectively resists seepage water and enhances Roof life.
Excellent washability using just soap and water Good performance and negligible maintenance and upkeep.
Excellent UV resistance For outstanding durability.
Tintable to any light shade Match the aesthetics and colour coding of structures.
Genuine Product life Ensures the performance of the product since it is a claim backed by warranty.