Green Building
SunSheetal & Green Buildings
The use of SunSheetal™ –High Albedo Paint (ONLY GENUINE PRODUCT) certified by CRRC, USA accredited lab using LEED specified ASTM methods), would add credit certification points for LEED-IGBC Green Building Rating System under :
a) IGBC Green Factory Building Rating System
Head : Site Selection & Planning
SS Credit 5 Heat Island Effect on Roof and Parking Areas : (2+2) = 4 points
b)   NC-2011 : New Commercial Construction and Major Renovation
Head : Sustainable Sites (SS)
Credit 7.1 Heat Island Effect—Nonroof : 1 point
Credit 7.2 Heat Island Effect—Roof : 1 point
c) IGBC Green Homes
Head : Site Selection & Planning
Site Credit 3.0 Heat Island Effect—Roof : 2 points
Site Credit 4.0 Parking Facilities for Visitors : 1 point
d) IGBC Green SEZ
Head : Site Preservation & Restoration
SPR Credit 3 Reduce Impact on Microclimate, Non-Roof : 2 points
SPR Credit 4 Reduce Impact on Microclimate, Roof : 4 points
SunSheetal™ – High Albedo Paint, also offers both immediate and long-term benefits including:
  Reduced building heat-gain, it keeps the roof near ambient temperature during the day.
  Savings of up to 35% the annual air-conditioning energy use.
  Extended service life of roofs.
  Improved energy efficiency of roofs, especially when there isn't adequate insulation provided in the roof envelope
  Improved thermal comfort in buildings that do not have air conditioning.
  Excellent microbial resistance to algae, moss and fungus.
  Reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.