Technical Datasheet
Product Description
SunSheetal™ is, polymer-acrylic blended, elastomeric, water based, high thermal emittance, ceramic coating useful as a Roof/Exterior coating that has the ability to reflect the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun, thereby reducing heat transfer to the building. SunSheetal™ is a high performance non toxic, high emissivity, ready-to-use High Albedo : Heat Reflective paint coating which significantly lowers the surface temperature of your roofs and structural exteriors. SunSheetal™ exceeds LEED, Energy Star and IGBC cool roof specification and has a measured and certified Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 108 (certification from CRRC accredited lab, USA) using LEED certified ASTM methods.
Technical Infornation
Physical Appearance : Free flowing White color emulsion
Component : Two Pack (Base Coat &Top Coat) - Ready to use Paint Coating
Coating type :High emissivity ceramic ingredients dispersed in aqueous acrylic &
polyurethane polymers
Solar Reflectance : 0.855 (LEED approved ASTM method)
Solar Emittance : 0.882 (LEED approved ASTM method)
Solar Absorptance : 0.19
Solar Reflective Index (SRI) : 108 (LEED approved ASTM method)
Volatile Organic Contents (VOC) : NIL ( under 50g per Ltr )
Water Absorption : NIL
Algae / Fungus Resistance : No growth or discolorations
Impact Resistance : Good
Chemical Resistance : Resistance to mild acidic and alkaline chemicals
Adhesion Strength : Excellent
Abrasion Resistance : 6000 cycles
Number of coats : 2 coats (Base Coat & Top Coat)
Solids by weight : 58% -60%
Dry film thickness : 75 + 50 = 125 microns total
Recoating time @ 30°C : 2 Hours
Full curing time @ 30°C : 24 Hours
Curing Mechanism : By air – evaporation, Coalescence
Service Temperature : Max. 120°C
    Concrete (RCC)
    Powder Coated
    Certified Green Buildings
    Commercial & Residential Buildings
    Industrial sheds and Godowns
    Storage tanks (Concrete, Metal, PVC & PE)
    Cold Storages & Warehouses
    Pipelines and metallic structures
    Buses / Tankers / Railways
Precautions & Limitations
1. Do not dilute.
2. Always to be kept as final coat. i.e. no overcoating on Sunsheetal™.
3. Do not apply within two hours of sunset, rain, fog or freezing temperatures.
4. All coatings must be completely dry before exposing to water or foot traffic.
Health & Safety Precautions
1. Skin Contact: Wash skin with soap & water. Remove contaminated clothes.
2. On eye contact: Immediately splash eyes with plenty of water. Consult Physician if irritation persists.
3. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Call a Physician.
4. For detailed information refer to the current Material Safety Data Sheet available through Customer Service.
Packaging & Transport
1. 20 Ltr – Dimensions : Height 403 mm X diameter 320 mm. Nett Weight : 20 Kg. Total Weight -20.970 Kg.
2. Not dangerous goods; No special transport requirements.
Shelf life & Storage
1. Shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
2. Store in a cool & dry place and Keep away from direct sun light.
3. Always keep container upright and in sealed condition when not in use.
Surface Preparation
1. All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and free of all dirt, loose and flaking paint or any other material which may impair adhesion.
2. Power jet washing and/or mechanical means such as wire brushing can be used.
3. Surface cracks of more than 2 mm and separation gaps should be filled up with modified mortar or as specified.
4. Cleaned area to be washed with water.
5. The surface should be moist & clean before application.
1. Stir the paint thoroughly before use.
2. Apply first coat with spray/brush/roller on the cleaned & washed surface.
3. Apply second coat after a gap of minimum two hours.
4. Ensure that the coated area does not come in contact with water for a minimum three hours.
5. After completion of full coating, 24 hours is the (self) curing period for this paint.
6. Coating thickness: Base Coat-75 microns Top Coat-50 microns Total -125 microns
7. Keep all containers covered when not in use.
Coverage (on smooth surface)
Concrete / Asbestos Cement / Bitumeous / Asphalt 65 sq.ft. per Ltr.
Metal : GI / Galvanume / Powder Coated / Aluminium, etc. 85 sq.ft. per Ltr.
Polycarbonate / FRP / PVC / PE 85 sq.ft. per Ltr.