SunSheetal™ is the result of extensive R & D in the field of material sciences and thermal dynamics to design a smart energy saving, green-building paint coating, proven to air- conditioning energy and demand savings, monetary savings, increased service life, provide increased human comfort levels and other positive impacts on urban environmental quality.
SunSheetal™ is a high performance, non toxic, low VOC – environment friendly, high emissivity, polyurethane-acrylic blended, elastomeric, water & ceramic based. It is a High Albedo : Heat Reflective, two coat paint coating which significantly lowers the surface temperature of structural constructions.
SunSheetal™ has the ability to reflect the visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun, thereby reducing heat transfer to the building. SunSheetal™ is also defined asa cool roof coating by virtue of its ability to also radiate absorbed, or non-reflected solar energy. SunSheetal™ exceeds most cool roof specification standards like LEED, Energy Star, etc. and is approved by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council).
Although the actual benefits of SunSheetal™ on a particular structure will depend on many factors, including building type, load, season, and climate zone, it can significantly reduce electrical energy usage and cooling loads translating into monetary gains for building and facility owners. It contributes socially to environmental sustainability as it helps` reduce emissions of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases by means of reducing Heat Island effect and global warming.