VS Competition
    SunSheetal™'s excellent top-of-line SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) of 108 is measured and certified by the globally accepted & LEED approved ASTM methods by R&D Service Lab, Tennessee, U.S.A,accredited by CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) USA. This reflects its superior product capability over other certified competin products.
    Independent to coating thickness (unlike only insulation based coating) which ensure uniform cost and performance.
    Increased service life since SunSheetal™ greatly reduces thermal shock as the surface does not heat up in. the first place unlike insulation based coatings which perform only by reducing the conduction of heat.
    Works on three heat transfer principals-reflectance, emittance and insulation.
COLOUR OF THE PAINT COATING - White, ca be tinted to any shade to meet various local and national energy regulations.(whites to pastels are appropriate for use)